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EV Charging

Home EV charging station installations in SE Wisconsin
Level 1 & 3 EV charging station installations

Home EV Charging Station Installations in SE Wisconsin

Level 1 & 2 Charger Installer

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming popular with commuters due to their luxury appeal and infrequent maintenance. It’s estimated over 95% of electric car users charge their vehicles at home. In many cases, using a conventional wall outlet is not recommended for safely charging your EV. Ideal Electric makes installing and operating a home charging station as easy as possible. Our technicians handle every home EV charger install with professionalism and safety.

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home EV charger installation in Southeastern Wisconsin

Types of EV Charging Stations

Level 1 (120 volts)

Level 1 EV charging involves charging your vehicle from a standard 120-volt household outlet. Charging a car from a standard outlet is the slowest option, only adding about 4 miles of range per hour. While level 1 charging might seem like the easiest option, there’s more you must consider, such as not overloading the outlet’s circuit. To confirm level 1 charging is possible in your situation without trouble, consult an electrician.

Level 2 (240 volts)

Level 2 EV charging involves charging your vehicle from a 240-volt home outlet. This upgrade is quickly becoming the most popular and effective method of charging your vehicle at home. Level 2 charging is up to 5 times more effective than level 1 charging, adding between 20-30 miles of range per hour. In order to use level 2 charging in your home, an electrician must install a 240-volt outlet in your place of charging and perform upgrades to your home’s electrical panels and surge protection if necessary for correct installation.

Level 3 (DC High-Speed)

Level 3 EV charging involves charging your vehicle from a DC charging station. Typically meant for public charging stations, level 3 chargers (also called DC fast chargers) are a lightning-fast solution to charging your vehicle on the go.

4 Benefits of Installing an EV Charging Station in Your Home

Installing an EV charging station in your home is an investment that will pay for itself over time. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, many homeowners are wisely choosing to install in-home charging stations for EVs such as Teslas to conveniently extend the range of their vehicles and maximize the benefits of zero-emission transportation. 4 Benefits of EV chargers include:

  1. Increased convenience
    Having a charging station at your home will eliminate the need to charge your vehicle while on the road. EV stations are far less common than gas stations and often contain room for only a few vehicles.
  2. Cost savings
    Charging your vehicle during off-peak hours is less expensive than using a public charging station. Installing an EV charging station is a great way to avoid the fluctuation of gas prices as well as the increased cost of public stations.
  3. Longer battery life
    Charging batteries quickly will wear them down over time. “Fast charge” stations are ideal when you are in a hurry, but the lower currents of a home charging station will help ensure that your vehicle’s battery lasts as long as possible.
  4. Increased home value
    With electric vehicles becoming more popular, potential homebuyers will be more inclined to consider your home if electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is installed.

Can any electrician install an EV charger?

Home EV charger installations are best left to electricians experienced in the installation. The electrician will ensure the charger hookup meets all national compliance and installation requirements laws. Not to mention many EV charging points require installation by a certified electrician to retain their warranty.

What is EVSE in EV charging?

EVSE stands for electric vehicle supply equipment. Also known as EV charging stations or electric recharging points, EVSEs supply electric energy for recharging electric vehicles.

Is it worth it to install a level 2 charger?

Level 2 home chargers are a worthy option for the average American commuter. With added convenience over level 1 charging, you can live with your electrical vehicle without sacrificing time and mobility in your everyday life. While level 2 EV chargers come with a price, the costs can often be offset over time due to the reduced maintenance costs of owning an electric vehicle.

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