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Generator installations in Southeast Wisconsin
Generator repair, installation, and maintenance for homes and businesses

Whole-Home & Portable Generator Service Keeps You Out of the Dark

Installation, Repair, & Maintenance Near Milwaukee, WI

If your home loses power during a storm, you will be facing freezing conditions during the winter or unbearable heat in the summer. Installing a generator will keep your climate control systems, computers, and appliances operating when the power goes out. The master electricians at Ideal Electric have over 30 years of experience assisting our customers with reliable power backups. We install portable and whole-home generators for homes and businesses throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Types of Generators for Southeastern Wisconsin Homes & Businesses

Generators can function on various types of fuel sources including natural gas and propane. Installing a generator into your home or business will keep the inside temperature regulated, allow internet services to remain connected, and maintain power to important appliances. The type of generator you choose depends on the application and the amount of power drain your appliances create. The two main types of generators offered by Ideal Electric are portable and whole-home. Portable units require manual starting and are ideal for powering a few appliances. Whole-home generators are automatically started when the power goes out and can power an entire home or business.

Professional Generator Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

We provide the support services needed to keep your generator functioning reliably. Ideal Electric offers free service estimates and over-the-phone troubleshooting on all generator services. Every member of our team is trained to diagnose and perform repairs to maintain power to your electrical system. Regular maintenance and repair services will keep your generator working efficiently and reliably. Common generator problems include battery failure, clogged filters, tripped circuit breakers, and low coolant levels.

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Home Generator Brands

Ideal Electric will install a generator of any make or model. Our preferred brand for both portable and whole-home generators is Generac. Nearly 7 out of 10 homeowners prefer Generac products over competitor brands. From home backup power to industrial and life-critical applications, Generac is the industry’s most trusted brand. Available generators can be fueled by diesel, gasoline, bi-fuel, natural gas, and propane depending on the application.

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Residential generator service

Residential Generators

Home backup generators installed by Ideal Electric are a logical choice for residents looking for reliable power, even during a power outage. Our residential generators are simple to operate and offer the user the most versatility. Your generator can power your entire electrical system or only the most essential appliances. Put an end to spoiled food, freezing homes, and lost internet connection by having Ideal Electric’s master electricians install a generator in your home. 

Residential Generators

Commercial generator installation in Southeast Wisconsin

Commercial Generators

Keep your power supply online 24/7 with a commercial standby generator. A power outage can result in data loss, financial damages, and unsafe working conditions. For those who are dependent on electronic medical apparatuses, a loss of power can be life-threatening. A quality standby generator will keep critical systems such as fire alarms, elevators, and servers functional throughout the whole power outage.

Commercial Generators

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