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Backup Generator Sales & Service in Milwaukee, WI

Reliable Backup Power Made Easy - Up to 15% Off Local Competitors

If your home loses power during a storm, you will be facing freezing conditions during the winter or unbearable heat in the summer. If your business loses power, you could be faced with lost revenue and spoiled products. To prevent power interruptions, you need a backup power source. You need a generator from Ideal Electric.

Ideal Electric can source, install and service a generator in your home or business. We're able to sell the same generators from quality brands up to 15% cheaper than local Southeastern Wisconsin competitors. And we’ve already helped customers in Milwaukee, West Bend, Hartford, Menomonee Falls, Wauwatosa, Waukesha, Mequon, and the surrounding areas. Request a quote to get the process started.

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Fast Responding Generator Repair Company With Fair Prices

Ideal Electric provides generator repair services on all brands and types in Southeastern Wisconsin. We'll diagnose the problem and get your generator back running right as soon as possible. Our experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle any generator repair or maintenance needs you may have. Trust us to keep your backup power source ready when you need it.

Available 24/7 Emergency Generator Repair

For when it can't wait, Ideal Electric provides 24/7 emergency generator service for homes and commercial properties. You'll receive prompt, effective repair of your generator at a fair price.

Generator Services in Wisconsin

Ideal Electric is proud to provide generator services in the Wisconsin cities of West Bend, Hartford, Cedarburg, Menomonee Falls, Germantown, Mequon, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, and more.

Contact Ideal Electric for backup generator sales and service.

Selling All Generator Brands Including Generac

Ideal Electric sells any brand of generator powered by popular fuel sources including natural gas generators and propane-powered generators. Our preferred generator brand is Generac. Nearly 7 out of 10 homeowners prefer Generac products over competitor brands. From home backup power to industrial and life-critical applications, Generac is the industry’s most trusted brand.

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Affordable Financing on Generac Generators

Considering a backup generator for your home but worried about the upfront cost? Ideal Electric makes acquiring a Generac generator affordable through available financing directly from Generac

Residential generator service

Generators for Homes

Get a backup home generator from Ideal Electric. A permanent generator is a logical choice for residents looking for reliable power, even during a power outage. Your generator can power your entire electrical system or only the most essential appliances. Put an end to spoiled food, freezing homes, and lost internet connection with a home generator.

Residential Generators

Commercial generator installation in Southeast Wisconsin

Generators for Businesses

Keep your power supply online 24/7 with a commercial standby generator. A quality standby generator will keep critical systems such as fire alarms, elevators, and servers functional throughout the whole power outage. Protect your business from data loss, financial damages, and lost work due to a power outage with a backup generator.

Commercial Generators

Frequently Asked Questions on Generators

Are backup generators worth it?

Backup generators are worth it for homeowners who want a reliable source of backup power in the event of a power outage. Backup generators are worth it for business owners who have sensitive products or critical systems and equipment and who serve customers or patients where the business staying operational during a power outage is crucial.

How does a backup generator work?

  1. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) senses a power outage and sends a signal to the backup generator to start up.
  2. The backup generator’s engine generates electrical energy from mechanical energy.
  3. The new electrical energy is distributed to the electrical panel of the building via the ATS.
  4. Once power on the main grid is restored, the ATS signals the backup generator to shut off, returning it to standby mode until needed again.

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