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Residential circuit breaker and electrical panel repairs
Circuit breaker and electrical panel repair for homes in Southeast Wisconsin

Circuit Breaker & Electrical Panel Repair

Safe & Reliable Electrical Service

Modern homes use more power than they did 10 years ago. Smart homes, high-speed wifi, and surveillance systems draw more electricity than most homes’ circuit breakers are designed to handle. An overloaded circuit breaker can cause flickering lights, hot or discolored outlets, and minor electrical shocks when flipping switches.

Updating old circuit breakers will prevent electronic failures and ensure the reliable function of electrical systems. Outdated circuit breakers offer no protection against power surges and leave valuable electronics vulnerable to damage.

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Complete Circuit Breaker & Panel Services

If you are experiencing problems with your home’s electrical system, call the team of master electricians at Ideal Electric for quality service. We will diagnose your problem and offer solutions to leave your home safer than it was when we arrived. We handle any job from repairs, installations, or upgrades. We have provided our clients with the following circuit breaker and electrical panel services for over 30 years:


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