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Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement Service SE Wisconsin

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If you suspect your electrical panel might be failing, contact the pros at Ideal Electric. While there could be obvious signs your panel isn’t working right, there are often more complex issues that go beyond the single panel in your basement or garage. Hiring a trusted local home electrician is a sure way to fully address your problem. Ideal Electric has the experience to provide comprehensive electrical panel repair and replacement services to homeowners in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Diagnosing Electrical Panel Problems

Electrical panels, also known as distribution boards or breakers panels, divide electrical power across multiple circuits while providing protection through a fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit. Diagnosing electric panel problems starts with identifying key signs. Common symptoms you might experience when an electrical panel is failing include:

Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement Company

Ideal Electric will diagnose your problem and offer solutions to leave your home safer than it was. We handle any electrical job from repairs, replacements, or upgrades. See more of the electrical panel services we’ve been offering Southeastern Wisconsin clients for over 30 years:

How do you determine if an electrical panel is overloaded?

An overloaded electrical panel will frequently trip breakers. While tripped breakers can occur from time to time normally, if you’re regularly tripping breakers after plugging things in it could be a sign you’re overloading an electrical circuit.

When should an electrical panel be replaced?

Generally, any electrical panel older than 25 years is considered old and should be replaced. Electrical panels can last up to 40 years, but it can be advantageous to replace them sooner in order to avoid costly failure and downtime.

How much does it cost to replace an electrical panel?

Replacing an electrical panel can cost anywhere between $900 and $2,500. Factors influencing replacement cost can include the amperage of your circuit, where it’s located (and if you’re relocating it), and the number of circuits.

Is it worth it to upgrade your electrical panel?

If your electrical panel is old or suspected to not be adequately working, upgrading to a newer panel is an investment in the safety of your home. Outdated electrical panels are often found to no longer be adequate for the power demands of today’s smart technology and electronic devices. Overloaded electrical panels are a leading cause of electrical fires in US homes.

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