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Lighting repair for industrial an commercial facilities in Southeast Wisconsin
Commercial Lighting Repairs and Installations

Commercial Lighting Repair and Replacements

Lighten up Your Business With Ideal Electric

Ideal Electric's commercial electricians have over 30 years of experience keeping customers out of the dark. If your lighting is flickering, dim, or costing your business a fortune in energy costs, our team will find a solution. Lighting in commercial and industrial facilities is used for extended periods and is often subjected to dust and particulate. A full-service lighting company like Ideal can assess and repair all types of electrical fixtures, switches, and circuitry. We offer fair pricing and fast service.

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Commercial Energy Audits

An energy audit evaluates the amount of energy your facility uses and determines the most cost-effective method of reducing energy consumption. The team at Ideal Electric will determine when, where and how electricity is most commonly used in your building and determine a list of potential modifications to your current electrical system. Each building will require an individualized approach when completing the modifications. When you choose a team of master electrical contractors to complete an energy audit, your facility will benefit from substantial cost and energy savings.

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