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Tesla Charging

Tesla home charger installation in Southeastern Wisconsin

Tesla Home Wall Charger Installation in Southeastern Wisconsin

Experienced Electrician for Tesla Model 3, S, X, and Y Chargers

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, so has charging these new methods of transportation at home. Ideal Electric is an electrician skilled in the installation of Tesla home chargers for residents near Milwaukee and in Southeastern Wisconsin. We make it easy to recharge your Tesla from the convenience of your garage, either inside or out.

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What to Know Before Installing a Tesla Wall Connector at Home

Before requesting a Tesla wall connector be installed in your home, consider the following.

Charger Acquisition

Contrary to other EVs, Teslas no longer come with standard charging equipment. This means you’ll need to purchase a charger separately. It’s better to consult with an electrician before purchasing a charger in order to determine which will best fit your home and budget requirements.

Charger Location

Consider where the charger will be placed. Chargers for EVs can go outside, but keep in mind the extreme weather conditions frequent in Wisconsin. In many cases, installing the charger in your garage is the best bet. An attached garage is also commonly the closest location to an active power source, aiding installation. While it is possible to install a home EV charger in a detached garage, it often requires running an additional cable to hook into an existing power source.

Panel Upgrades

Many older homes have older-style 100-amp electrical panels not equipped to handle a Tesla charger. You can tell by eye if you need an upgrade if your electrical panel does not have room for additional breakers. In-home chargers for EVs such as Teslas are best run off a separate circuit for safety.

An experienced electrician will be able to tell your electrical panel’s current operating capacity and if it will accommodate a Tesla charger. If your home is newer and features a 200-amp panel, it’s likely you won’t need an upgrade. While it may not be impossible to run an EV charger off a 100-amp panel, upgrading to a 200-amp panel is a wise investment to improve safety and leave your home open to new technology.

Charger Level

Consider how many miles you will be driving each day and the number of times you expect to drive each week. In 2020, the Federal Highway Administration indicated Americans drive an average of 37 miles each day. If you are near or exceed this average, a level 1 charger will not be adequate. Level 2 chargers are growing in popularity and are often the best investment to maintain adaptability for future commuting demands.

Breakdown of Tesla Charging Levels

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The Tesla Home Charging Station Installation Process

Ideal Electric is well-trained and possesses the experience required to set up your Tesla home charging station without hiccups in your Southeastern Wisconsin home. We’ll overview your home’s current electrical panel setup and perform load calculations to determine the capacity at which your panel is operating. You’ll receive a fair installation quote with upfront pricing and an honest recommendation on the best next course of action. You’ll be enjoying emission-free driving without the stress of visiting the gas station sooner with a call to Ideal Electric.

Common Tesla Charger Questions

How much does it cost to get a Tesla wall charger installed?

The cost of installing a Tesla wall charger for many customers can be under $1,500. The final cost is dependent on several factors, such as the type of charger requested, whether or not electrical panel upgrades will be needed, and other installation complexities in your given case.

Can I install my own Tesla wall charger?

While you may possess electrical knowledge and capabilities, installing a Tesla charger requires experience doing so. Consult an electrician trained specifically in the installation of chargers for EVs such as Teslas to ensure safe installation.

Can any electrician install a Tesla home charger?

While any electrician may claim Tesla charger installation is easy, not all are qualified to do so. Only consult with an electrician trained and experienced in installing Tesla home chargers such as Ideal Electric for the best result.

Contact Ideal Electric for the installation of a Tesla home charger in your Milwaukee or Southeastern Wisconsin home.

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