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Whole-Home Generator Installation & Repair in SE Wisconsin

Why Choose Ideal Electric for Residential Generators?

An in-home generator brings peace of mind during the long winters and severe weather where power outages are frequent. The team of master electricians at Ideal Electric will make sure you're never left in the dark again. We offer portable and whole-home generators to ensure your home always has power.

If you are considering a backup generator for your home, Ideal Electric has over 30 years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing residential generators. Maintenance services we perform typically include changing the oil, fuel filter, air filter, and spark plugs and checking that all systems are functioning properly.

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What is the Cost Of Installing A Home Generator?

Having a generator installed in your home depends on several factors: power requirements, fuel type, portability, and how much of the house you'd like to operate in an emergency. It might cost you between $1,500 - $20,000 to install a generator in Wisconsin. Ideal Electric will provide you with a quote based on your requirements.

Generator types

Generators can run on a variety of fuel sources including gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas. For Wisconsin's climate extremes, propane and natural gas are the most ideal fuel sources for your generator. Gasoline and diesel fuel require fuel stabilizers and are less convenient for long-term storage. Propane and natural gas can be turned on and off instantly with a valve and require no treatment when storing long-term. Other benefits propane and natural gas offer: 

Natural Gas vs. Propane Generator Installation

The type of fuel your backup generator uses will be one of the first things you consider before installation. Choosing between natural gas and propane usually depends on where your home is located. Most city-based homes use natural gas for their backup generators. If your home is not located on a gas service network, you'll probably want to use propane to fuel your generator. It will cost you more to extend the natural gas line to your home if you are not within the city limits. Propane and natural gas generators typically have the same maintenance requirements. 

5 Benefits of installing a backup generator in your home

A backup generator turns on quickly and automatically when the power goes out during a storm or when a power line goes down. Generators have enough energy to power the entire home, providing you with peace of mind, comfort, and safety.

  1. Uninterrupted power - Backup generators eliminate the inconvenience of losing power during a storm. Maintaining power 24/7 allows your home’s climate control systems to remain functional and keep your family comfortable no matter what the outside temperature is. You’ll also get to keep your internet connection online during the outage.
  2. Protection from hazards - Home generators are much safer than gasoline backup generators. Gas generators increase your exposure to carbon monoxide. Home generators run on propane or natural gas and sit outdoors. When your power returns, the generator prevents voltage fluctuations and power surges from damaging your electrical system, lowering the risk of fires or short circuits.
  3. No food spoilage - When the electricity goes out, you’re at risk of losing all the food in your fridge and freezer, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars in groceries. Maintaining power in your home with a generator will keep these important appliances operational and prevent food spoilage.
  4. Protection from water damage - Sump pumps in your basement or crawl space use electricity to keep the area dry. When the power goes out, the sump pump stops working, leaving you with significant problems. Winter storms can also take out electricity for days, causing your pipes to freeze and break. A generator keeps the equipment running and prevents damage to your home. 
  5. Working heat in the winter - Unexpected power outages in the cold Wisconsin winter are not something you want your family to struggle through. Installing a backup generator will help keep your home warm, even when you lose power.
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