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Surge Protection

Surge protection for businesses across Southeast Wisconsin

Power Surge Protection for Your Whole Business

Be Protected with Commercial & Industrial Surge Protection

Power needs and demands vary greatly from one business to another. The electrical contractors at Ideal Electric use the existing machinery and appliances in your facility to develop a custom solution. The number, type, and age of your electronic devices are considered when choosing a surge protection system. All commercial surge protection devices installed by our team meet ANSI and NFPA 79 standards for industrial machinery. Power surges can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to any machine that relies on fine electrical components including machine tools, molding machines, industrial robots and more. Not only will broken machinery cost your business money in repairs, but also lost productivity. Our team will handle any project, large or small.

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  • Surge protection from high voltage electrical devicesHigh-voltage electrical devices
  • Surge protection against faulty wiringFaulty wiring
  • Surge protection from short circuits Short circuits
  • Surge protection for severe weatherWeather events
  • Protect your electrics from power outagesPower outages


What are the Benefits of Surge Protectors?

Power surges are not always caused by severe weather or power outages. The most common cause is overloading your electrical panels and circuits. Depending on the severity, electrical surges can shorten the lifespan of your electrical equipment, cause irreparable damage or even start a fire. Installing a surge protector in your commercial or industrial facility has several benefits including:

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