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Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Repair & Replacement in Southeastern Wisconsin

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A malfunctioning circuit breaker can leave your home’s electrical system at an increased risk of a fire. Modern homes use more power than they did 10 years ago. Smart gadgets, high-speed wifi, and surveillance systems today draw more electricity than most homes’ circuit breakers were originally designed to handle.

While you could try to move certain appliances onto new circuits, the only sure way to correct the problem is by hiring an electrician to evaluate your home’s circuitry. Ideal Electric has been helping Wisconsin homeowners with circuit breaker diagnosis and replacement since 1985. Rest assured we’ll get the job done and get your home’s electrical system back to fully functioning form.

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Diagnosing Circuit Breaker Problems

Circuit breakers protect your home’s electrical circuits from damage caused by overloading or short circuit. When a circuit breaker is frequently tripping, it is often a sign that a particular circuit is drawing more power than the system can handle. An overloaded circuit breaker can cause flickering lights, hot or discolored outlets, and minor electrical shocks when flipping switches.

Outdated circuit breakers offer no protection against power surges and leave valuable electronics vulnerable to damage. They even put you at increased risk of a house fire. Updating old circuit breakers will prevent electronic failures and ensure the reliable function of your home’s electrical systems.

Circuit Breaker & Fuse Replacement Company

Ideal Electric can solve your circuit breaker and fuse problems and get your home’s electrical system working properly again. We offer full service including repairs, installations, or upgrades. We’ll get to the bottom of any deeper issues that could be causing your breakers/fuses to trip or your electrical panels to wear out.

Circuit Breakers vs Fuses

The main advantage circuit breakers have over fuses is their ability to be reused. Many older homes built pre-1965 have dedicated fuse boxes instead of circuit breakers. Fuse boxes require more maintenance since blown fuses must be replaced and cannot be reset. Converting your old fuse box to a circuit breaker box is a preferred upgrade to avoid dealing with fuses. Contact Ideal Electric for help with converting to a circuit breaker box.

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Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?

A breaker that is frequently tripping is often a sign the circuit is overloaded. While you could try to identify the circuit and offload sources to another circuit, a tripping breaker is not one to mess with. If a circuit is overloaded, you risk the chance of an electrical fire due to increased levels of voltage.

How can you tell if a breaker is bad?

Signs your circuit breaker is bad:

How long do circuit breakers last?

The average lifespan of a circuit breaker is 25-35 years. While breakers in favorable environments can last even longer, outdated circuit breakers pose a greater risk of failure and do not provide adequate protection in the event of power surges.

How much does it cost to change a circuit breaker?

Changing individual breaker switches can cost $100 - $200. Final costs largely depend on the amperage of the circuit, with 200-amp circuit breakers costing the most.

Contact Ideal Electric for circuit breaker repair or replacement in your Southeastern Wisconsin home.

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