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EV Charging Station Installer for Apartments

EV Charging Station installer for Apartments

Best Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Company in Southeastern Wisconsin

If you're looking to attract environmentally-conscious tenants, adding an EV charger to your apartment complex could be a valuable investment. But with the installation process for these chargers being more complicated than in a single-family home, finding the right EV charger installer for your rental property is crucial.

Ideal Electric is a licensed electrician experienced in the installation of EV chargers in Southeastern Wisconsin. We make it easy to add electric vehicle charging infrastructure to your multifamily building or rental property. Get a quote on our easy installation process.

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Why Install an EV Charger in an Apartment Building?

As more people turn to electric vehicles (EVs), installing an EV charger in your apartment building can help attract new tenants and provide a valuable amenity. With an EV charging station on your property, you can offer a convenient and environmentally-friendly option for tenants to charge their cars. This amenity can set you apart from other apartment complexes in your area and appeal to a growing market of environmentally-conscious renters.

Offering EV charging stations is also a great way to appeal to your most common tenants. According to a 2022 survey, millennials (47%) and Gen Zs (41%) are most interested in buying an EV as their next vehicle. By acquiring EV chargers at your facility, you can stay ahead of the curve and show you are committed to providing the latest technology and amenities to your tenants.

Why Choose Ideal Electric for EV Chargers?

You shouldn’t trust just any installer for electric vehicle chargers. Ideal Electric is an experienced and reliable EV charger installer for apartments. With years of experience working with multi-unit buildings, we have the expertise to install an EV charging station in your apartment complex through a smooth process. We also help you navigate the various rebate programs and incentives available to help offset the cost of installation.

By choosing Ideal Electric, you can trust your EV charging station will be installed with the utmost care and expertise, providing a valuable amenity for your tenants for years to come.

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Available EV Charger Incentives for Apartments

New incentives will continue to pop up for new EV charger customers in the coming years as Wisconsin and the US adapt to the changing landscape in electric transportation. For more information on incentives available in Wisconsin, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center from the US Department of Energy or the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

Contact Ideal Electric to begin the process of adding EV chargers to your apartment or rental property.

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