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Level 2 Chargers

level 2 charger installation electrician near Milwaukee

Level 2 EV Charger Installation Electrician Near Milwaukee, WI

Cut Charging Times With a Home Fast Charger

Buying a fully electric vehicle is the best option against volatile gas prices. The new challenge becomes keeping up with charging your vehicle throughout changing drive schedules. While public charging stations provide fast charging capabilities, many do not exist around the corner for new EV drivers. The solution is a level 2 EV charging station installed in your home by experienced electricians at Ideal Electric.

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What Are Level 2 Electric Car Chargers?

Level 2 chargers are a step up from the conventional level 1 chargers many new electric cars come with. Installed on a 240-volt outlet in your garage or driveway, level 2 chargers can yield as much as 5 times more driving range in a single hour’s charge over level 1. This equates to around 20 range miles an hour.

Why is Level 2 Charging Becoming a Popular Upgrade?

Level 2 chargers allow greater driving distances in less time than level 1 chargers. According to the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHA), the average American drives ~12,800 miles a year. This equates to about 35 miles a day. On a level 2 charger, this would only require 2 hours of charging, while level 1 would require up to 9 hours of charging to meet the demands of an average day.

Upgrading to a level 2 charger prevents EV owners from futureproofing themselves from longer commutes or greater use of their electric vehicle if they’re not charging every night or visiting public fast charging stations. Level 2 chargers can also help alleviate EV range anxiety, or the fear of an electric vehicle not having enough charge to complete the day’s activities.

How much does it cost to install a level 2 EV charger?

The cost of installing a level 2 EV charger in your home ranges from $1200 - $2500. Final pricing on installation is determined by the cost of the charger itself, the labor costs of installing the charger, and any additional upgrades your home’s electrical circuits will need in order to safely operate the new charger.

Can you put a level 2 charger in your home?

Yes, level 2 chargers are possible in homes through the installation of a 240-volt outlet. The outlet oftentimes is run on a dedicated circuit for added protection against circuit overload.

How many amps do you need for a level 2 charger?

Level 2 EV chargers often require a circuit capable of 40-50 amps.

What size breaker do I need for a level 2 EV charger?

Level 2 EV chargers often require a circuit breaker of at least 50 amps. To ensure power charging, installing a 60amp breaker is often best.

Contact Ideal Electric for the installation of a level 2 EV charger in your Milwaukee or Southeastern Wisconsin home.

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