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High Voltage

High Voltage Electrical Contractor in Southeastern Wisconsin

High Voltage Electrical Contractor in Southeastern Wisconsin

Residential Electrician for Medium & High Voltage

Ideal Electric has the capability to take on electrical repair and maintenance of high voltage circuits. While many local electricians may shy away from higher voltage jobs, we possess the training and experience to tackle whatever electrical job you need. From 600 volts and beyond, trust Ideal Electric for residential and commercial electrical work.

We provide several electrical services to clients in Southeastern Wisconsin including:

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Ideal electric is a high voltage electrical contractor

What is high voltage electrical work?

High voltage electrical work is any voltage over 600 volts according to the DOE Electrical Safety Guidelines.

What's the difference between high and low voltage?

Low voltage can be considered any circuit lower than 600 volts. High voltage is any circuit with a voltage greater than 600 volts.

What is considered high voltage in a home?

While home electrical wiring is generally considered low voltage, anything above 100 volts is considered high voltage for homeowners.

Is 240V high voltage?

In the electrical industry, 240 volts is considered low voltage. 240V can be regarded as a high voltage for homeowners, as these circuits power many high-use home appliances.

What devices use high voltage?

Home devices using high voltage:

Contact a trusted high voltage electrical contractor in Ideal Electric for service across Southeastern Wisconsin.

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