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EV Charging Stations Where Your Ideal Electrical Dreams Come True

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in West Bend

Serving Homes & Businesses in Mequon, Milwaukee & Beyond

Big name companies and celebrities have made electric vehicles more popular for drivers across Wisconsin. With the additional environmental benefits and incentives that these vehicles offer, you can save plenty of money over time. Unfortunately, a regular outlet may not be equipped to handle charging an electric vehicle and it takes an extensive amount of time to complete a charge. To ensure a quick and secure charge, consider working with a West Bend electrician to install an EV charging station.

When you need experienced and qualified electrical services, Ideal Electric, Inc. has a reputation for outstanding customer service for clients in the local community. Since 1985, our customers have turned to our licensed and insured master electricians to install, repair, and maintain their electrical systems. Aligned with our dedication to modern electrical services, we provide comprehensive electric vehicle charging station services, so you can fully enjoy your investment.

Reach out to (262) 205-0182 to learn more about our EV charging stations in West Bend.

What Are the Benefits of EV Charging Stations?

One of the benefits of using an electric vehicle is never needing to stop at a gas station to get to where you need to go. It does mean that you need to fully charge your vehicle for long trips. Traditional wall outlets may work but it runs the risk of blowing your home’s electric system and even causing a fire.

Benefits of having an EV charging station for residential and commercial properties include:

  • Attracting and keeping tenants

  • Government incentives and rebates

  • Improved battery performance

  • Increased safety

  • Quicker charging

If an EV charging station on your West Bend property sounds attractive, reach out to learn more about the range of options we have available. As the number of electric vehicles on the markets increase, more homes and businesses will have this feature. Since they require a professional electrician that understands how your entire system works, trust Ideal Electric, Inc. We are well-versed in EV charging stations and are happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.

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